SCAN, SAVE, SHARE and Organize Your Documents With ONE TAP

The World’s first Scanning App for Auto Edges selection, Auto cropping, Auto Saving/Sharing and document organising with a single button is possible with JustCopy

Features of JustCopy APP

  • Auto Edges Detection & Auto Crop
  • Automatic Folder/File Creation in mobile and Cloud
  • Auto Save/Share and Organise the Scanned Data with one Touch
  • Set your preference at once for automation: Folder, File name, Format (JPEG/PDF), Password Protections on/off and Destination ( Gdrive, DropBox, Box, Gmail, WhatsApp)
  • Easily Save/share and Organize files and folders with numbers from 0-9.
  • Force Upload feature: To replace the original document in cloud with the new Edited Document.
  • Adjust colours, Highlight, Doodle, Comment etc
  • Retake, to replace the existing scan
  • Bin (Restore Unwanted deleted files)
  • Cloud Print
  • Extremely Quick Processing
  • Easy to search the files and folders
  • Flexibility to edit the scanned documents
  • Password Protections for PDF Documents
  • Can convert single mode to batch mode without closing single mode
  • Best OCR Experience (only printed Text and hand written detection is under development)
  • Backup/restore your data manually, incase you lose or change yourdevice