JustCopy: Free Cam Scan, PDF Scan, Doc Organiser

Scanning, Saving, Sharing & Document Organizing Automated with JustCopy Scanner

The World’s first app for Auto Edges selection, Auto cropping, Auto Saving/Sharing and document organising with a single button is possible with this JustCopy Scanning app. It is an ideal solution for students, schools, institutions, professionals, organizations and for everyone who wants to Save/Share and organize files on their own Gdrive, DropBox, Box, Gmail/whatsApp with a single click.

Experience the high quality image scanning in your device within just one touch. A mobile scanning app with a brain, which organise to itself and makes day to day life easier.

“JustCopy: Free Cam Scan, PDF Scan, Doc Organiser” lets you quickly scan any kind of documents, books, worksheets, drawings, medical reports, images, bills, receipts, magazines, class notes and anything that needs to be there in your device within no time. Using this pocket scanner app, you can quickly get the scanned document in the highest quality and convert it immediately into PDF/JPEG format so that you can share the scanned document, school notes, school books or any other documents required by school professionals, teachers to organize in the best possible way. After scan, you can adjust the colours, highlight, doodle, comment, crop etc. Can set password protection and Auto save (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) and Auto Share (What's app & Gmail) in your own Drives and accounts. The scanned data is highly secure.

Features of JustCopy APP

  • Auto Edges Detection & Auto Crop
  • Automatic Folder/File Creation in mobile and Cloud
  • Auto Save/Share and Organise the Scanned Data with one Touch
  • Set your preference at once for automation: Folder, File name, Format (JPEG/PDF), Password Protections on/off and Destination ( Gdrive, DropBox, Box, Gmail, WhatsApp)
  • Easily Save/share and Organize files and folders with numbers from 0-9.
  • Force Upload feature: To replace the original document in cloud with the new Edited Document.
  • Adjust colours, Highlight, Doodle, Comment etc
  • Retake, to replace the existing scan
  • Bin (Restore Unwanted deleted files)
  • Cloud Print
  • Extremely Quick Processing
  • Easy to search the files and folders
  • Flexibility to edit the scanned documents
  • Password Protections for PDF Documents
  • Can convert single mode to batch mode without closing single mode
  • Best OCR Experience (only printed Text and hand written detection is under development)
  • Backup/restore your data manually, incase you lose or change yourdevice